Certificates through SDMIMD

Certificates through SDMIMD

Welcome to the Centre of Sports and Management Studies (CS & MS) at SDMIMD, the Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development, ranked amongst the top Business Schools in India. SDMIMD has been rated A** (A Double Star) by Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL) at the National Level, which makes it one of the Best Rated Institutes in the country. SDMIMD has now become internationally accredited by ACBSP. Institute PGDM program is also accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi.

SDMIMD has now entered into an academic collaboration with CS & MS, the Centre for Sports and Management Studies, which is run by highly respected Sports Professionals with years of National and International standing and experience in the Sports Management & Coaching field, for the delivery of Sports Management courses in India and neighbouring countries.

Enrolling in a program with SDMIMD is the first step on a student’s journey towards earning a SDMIMD Sports Management Diploma/Certificate through CS & MS, and becoming a qualified and certified Sports Industry Professional. Our courses are designed for a new generation of sports professionals, who share a passion to excel and want to learn by making.

The SDMIMD - CS & MS collaboration aims to provide quality academic Sports Education, leading to nationally and internationally accepted certifications and diplomas, in a unique, hands on learning environment.

We train our students to balance their study of theory with practical work experience and narration of real life experiences with insightful guest lectures by sports celebrities and professionals working in this field, to become the best. This is achieved by a rigorous schedule of classroom instruction covering a rich, academic curriculum and guest lectures by experts, supported by hands on internships and industry experience. We believe that through these internships many of our students will go on to carve out their own unique space in the sports industry while they learn real world strategies and have the opportunities to make the actual contacts that are vital to success in the sports industry.

Our instructors are all working/retired Professionals from the sports industry, holding enviable qualifications, knowledge, and experience, veterans who have played and/or worked with professional players and teams and sports management organizations, for many years. They have seen it all themselves and now seek to provide each student the personal focus, discipline and commitment needed to launch a career in the sports industry.

Our courses are designed in partnership with industry leaders and professionals, so the skills the student learns through these courses, are completely practical work oriented and designed to meet the current and future needs of the industry.

Through our unique internships and guest lectures, we offer some of the best opportunities for our students to network with top professionals and gain future employment and success in this exciting and emerging field.